Cancer Free and Time to Work

I have been off of work for medical reasons for the last three years and have now been cancer free for the past year and feel it is now time to start working again. I have just secured a part-time job with a Factory Outlet store selling clothing. I still need to increase my income. I am also taking a CNA course to improve my status in the medical field. I expect to be done with that and have my certification by the end of March. This will be and added educational program that can enhance my performance in both fields. Increasing my income and helping out with the family bills will take some of the burden off of my husband who has been working very hard to pay all of our bills during my illness. My goals are to continue in the medical field and find a rewarding career in nursing. I would love to be able to work part-time or full time from home as well as working out in the field as a nurse or nursing assistant. I have a 23 year old in college studying chemistry at Coastal Carolina University. He is in his third year of study and is always in need of funds for books and other supplies. My husband works for Mcleod Hospital in Florence, South Carolina so it seems that my family have all leaned towards the medical field. I believe that this could only enhance my education and the education of my family in the career paths that we have each chosen. I am hoping that with this career opportunity that my Certified Nursing Assistant program will be the start of a new future for myself and my family. SN:1MA0N2ESY

The online experience will be something that I could spend many hours learning and understanding all of the medical terms and HEPA laws and information acts that are required in the nursing programs. I currently hold an insurance license to sell Life Accident and Health in the state of South Carolina. This I feel will help with some of the terms and also the regulations set forth with transcribing online medical transcriptionist jobs. I have always done my best to learn and set a good example in professionalism at any job I have held in my thirty five years of work experience. I am very thankful for the opportunity to apply with your school and for the new experiences in the nursing and transcribing industries. I enjoy learning new things and am excited to start a home typist jobs in the medical transcribing field. I hope with this essay you find me a candidate that you will enjoy having on your team. I look forward to the opportunity and advancement in my career. I will be able to devote many hours in training and transcribing for your company and will do my very best to see that my career blossoms and grows with your company. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I will be awaiting your response.

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