College School for Women

Today, finishing studies and have a college degree is significant for women to be married and can birth the needs of her family. Once they find themselves in need of a career to bring in some extra money to the family, many of these women find that they rattling wish to go back to school. They often feel, sooner or later, that it is imimaginable, and mistakenly Don River that all money for higher education is targeted at high school kids. The good news is that there are a classify of grants and scholarships available to women who want to go back to school and pursue a degree, you just have to know where to look for them.

One option is the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, which turns money to low-income women who are 35 or older and wish to head back to school. The $2,000 grants are available to women who can show how a degree will help them improve their lives, their families’ steads, and their community of interests as a whole.

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers money to women who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in accounting. The award ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

Sometimes women face a situation where they need to return to work after leaving, whether to have a baby or work form home for a while. When this happens, many find they lack the new skills necessary to compete with new college graduates in the field. The Possible Woman Foundation outside(a) offers $2,000 o $4,000 scholarships for women in this situation, which allows them to re-enter the men with the new skills they need for success.

If you have an undergraduate degree and are looking to improve upon it, consider the Selected Professions Fellowships. These are sponsored by the American Association of University Women, and they offer substantial amounts of money, between $5,000 and $20,000, to women who are returning to school for graduate in a specific field, such as architecture, computer and info sciences, math and statistics, or engineering.

While many of the scholarships emphasise on women who are pursuing a degree in science or math, there are some for artistic women as well. For causa, the College Art Association offers $5,000 fellowships for applicants coming from communities that are marginalized from artistic professions, and the National Sculpture Society offers $1,000 to students who wish to examine cultivation.

These are just some of the many options out there for women returning to school. Remember, you quit school to care for your family. Now it is time for you to do something for yourself, so both you and them can have a brighter future!

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