Examining Teachers And Mentors

When examining mentors and teachers, the greatest question is about who can give you the right quantity of help that you really need. Experiencing both the collegiate and apprenticeship worlds personally, I can tell you that mentors are the much more helpful ones, hands down. I leaned more in 2 years under a mentor than I did for 5 trying to figure out what I wanted to do in college. Having this option is fairly simple for me. 

Here is a thing about teachers, they do know a lot of things but they by no means encountered these things first hand. Due to this, their know-how is all based on many years passed when things were likely much different than they are today. Therefore, to keep them up-to-date teachers read books which do contain a lot of information but may still be missing some. 

I even had a personal experience with teachers who do not teach but instead they only keep on giving you homework, present powerpoint presentations, and of course compute the grades. These teachers never really gave me something and I learned nothing from them. It was those kinds of teachers that got me considering about a career in music ‚Äì something out of the tradition and free from classroom life. I wanted to learn from someone with first hand experience and indeed my wish came true. 

The battle of mentors versus teachers was a brief one for me. It didn’t take a lot of time for me to make a recognition after experiencing a hands on training with my mentor. I was able to work with actual tools and see how things would go in my career. There were no more pictures in textbooks or iffy circumstances. What was happening in front of me was what has now happened in my actual career. 

Moreover, my mentor helped connect with some people who can aid me. I met my boss and most of the individuals I am associated with through my mentor and these associates assisted me in getting some references for my work applications. In fact, I don’t have to do a lot of things except be myself and adhere to my mentor’s guidelines. 

I’m glad I made the right decision with mentors versus teachers. Right now, I find myself contented with what I have and I am no longer searching for anything to boost my career. Change is here and it feels absolutely amazing. I only have one desire and that is for everybody to realize that sometimes investing a lot of time inside the classroom can keep you from chasing your dream, if you wish you can always sign up for a mentorship program and make your dreams come true.

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