How To Apply For College Grants and Small Business Grants

Students looking to pursue their dreams of a higher education usually only have one thing standing in their way, and that’s money. Beyond filling out the FAFSA and applying from college grants from the government, there is one avenue a lot of students don’t pursue and that’s seeking out funds from local business, either in small business scholarships or small business grants for college.

Local Business College Grants And Scholarships

Local business can offer college grants and scholarships to graduating seniors that apply for them. The amounts aren’t huge, usually between $500 to $1,000, but the money can be a tremendous help to students in need.

While applying for these college grants isn’t easy, for a lot of students, the payoff is more than worth it. Many of the companies offering small business grants and scholarships, for example, won’t allow students to apply for their award until they’ve enrolled full time to an institution of higher learning. Many others won’t accept applicants with GPAs under a chosen benchmark. Many of the college grants are dependent on how well the applicant does on filling out a questionnaire and writing an essay outlining why they’re better than other applicants, what their goals are for the future and how they intend to improve society, the community and beyond.

College Grants From Your Job

Many local employers, whether they’re part of a large national chain or truly local, offer college grants to their own college age workers. If a student can show that they’re dedicated to the company and to their studies, they should definitely apply for one of these business grants or scholarships.

College Scholarships From The Local Bank

Local banks and credit unions don’t just doll out cash for student loans, oftentimes they also offer up college grants and scholarships to local students. Depending on the size of the institution, there may be a number of scholarships available, in varying amounts.

Membership Has Its Privileges

A number of college grants also require that applicants themselves or family members be involved in their group. Parish members of local churches might be eligible for some sort of scholarship fund there, for instance. Students with family members in the local Elks or Masonic Lodge might also be able to apply for a scholarship being offered by that group. Since these scholarships are for members and their families only, be sure to ask the member of the family affiliated with one of these groups to find out the application requirements.

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