Looking For The Perfect African American Scholarships

A college education is not restricted to a classroom, textbook, research paper or grade point average. It provides an environment for building relationships with individuals from other backgrounds and cultures. For this reason, scholarships are offered to African Americans and other minority groups in an effort to enhance diversity on university grounds. Businesses who wish to employ varied cultures will offer aid in specific fields of study that will eventually benefit their company. Some of the more appealing scholarships available to African Americans include business, engineering and medicine.

Employers no longer expect a high school diploma, but they are willing to pay good money for employees with degrees. The United Negro College Fund plays a critical role in enabling more than 60,000 students each year to attend college. There are 39 member colleges that provide 21st century academic programs while keeping tuition costs down. Tuition costs are half that of other universities among the 39 member colleges providing 21st century academic programs. The UNCF chooses to close the educational gap with its efforts to provide 400 intern and scholarship programs offered to moderate and low income families. The UNCF’s policy has always been “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”

The Thurgood Marshall Fund donates thousands of dollars each year to African American scholarships. Thousands of dollars each year are donated to African American scholarships by the Thurgood Marshall Fund. Aid is offered to undergraduate, graduate and law school students at its many colleges and universities. Recipients have to complete all degree requirements and maintain a 3.0 GPA. In 2003 TMF teamed up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to restructure education in six high schools of low income communities throughout four different states. High school graduates receive their diplomas prepared to handle college life and work toward the goal of completing a degree program.

The Jack and Jill Foundation grants scholarships to African American high school graduates that wish to attend any college of their choosing. This can become a reality through scholarships offered by the Jack and Jill Foundation, as this agency promotes the preparation of students as leaders in all aspects of their future careers. The foundation wants African Americans to attain their fullest potential as individuals within the community and develop the ability to become leaders. The Jack and Jill Foundation manages five grant programs that allocate awards to neighborhood chapter service projects and non-profit agencies. Programs are supported that create opportunities for students to learn and gain empowerment skills.

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