My Dream of the Future

I have endured the possibilities of stay at home jobs for about five years. I have taken classes from a community college for a medical transcription degree, but no one there could ever find a job for me. I than lost some of my skills which now I need to refresh so I can start all over, which does not bother me. I will become the MT that I want in so many ways. Being in the nursing field for twenty-six years, I feel I have conquered all hands on skills that are necessary to become a good certified nursing assistant and a knowledgeable certified medication aid. This again is not enough for me. The challenge is not there anymore. I did take classes for a LPN, and realized I would be doing the same type of work, just adding a little more spice to it! Working from home would be the best of both worlds to me. I have seen the worst, and I have worked with the best. I deal with mental ill patients on a daily basis, medications have to be precise, no errors within treatments, and no errors concerning medication is tolerated.

This is a very stressful job with many responsibilities that need to be carried out on a daily basis. I am ready for a change of pace. I am ready for flexibility within my working as a MT, I am ready for me as my own boss, and I am ready for freedom from mental illness patients. I am responsible to carry out any work load as a MT at home , and I have a lot of knowledge to bring and share with MT’S who have been in this business for many years. I love to type! Took computer classes to learn to type and working with computers is very interesting for me. I had already decided that I wanted to become a MT before I even seen your site on the internet. During my internet searches, I found yours to be the most successful. You even offer job leads on the internet which most MT training courses do not. They will help with your resume, but cannot offer any job assistant on the internet. SN:1SE0V2ESY

To me this means a great deal in landing that first job. Most positions require you to have three to five years of experience as a MT. I could not find any entry level positions. I would really love to achieve all the goals I can fulfill as a MT. I enjoy working with all the documents that are needed on a daily basis for the doctors. I love words! I enjoy spelling. I enjoy learning and becoming knowledgeable. I believe I am more of an intellectual type of person. I don’t enjoy going out. I love being home, and that is why I am so interested in the MT work. I realize I will need to work part-time before I actually work at home, which is ok with me. I also know that the money is not the best when you first start out, but that does not bother me in the least. I am not looking for money, I am not looking for something easy, and I am looking for variety in my work within a home situation. So I can still have some flexibility, and enjoy my work, and feel good about what I can accomplish.

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