Ready, Willing and Able!

I am excited to share with you why I am eager to begin the journey towards becoming a medical transcriptionist. I have had the pleasure of working with several physicians in three different specialties over the last ten years, in a variety of administrative positions. At the early age of 18, I was hired as a file clerk for a local gastroenterology practice. I quickly learned the terminology relevant to the specialty and soon found that my capabilities allowed for more responsibility in the practice. I moved away from my hometown and although I worked as a bank teller and even as a nanny at one point, I realized that I really felt at home in a medical practice working with patients and providers. At each of the three practices I have worked for, I have been able to prove to each physician my ability to learn quickly and desire to achieve perfect attention to detail. Ultimately, my strong work ethic and eagerness to add to my knowledge base led to my promotion as Practice Administrator, my current position in a Maternal-Fetal-Medicine practice in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a specialty practice we rely heavily on our transcriptionist, since we must report out all findings and recommendations to a patient’s primary obstetrician. While it is true that all specialties in medicine require attention to detail and correct documentation, there seems to be an increased level of expectation and sensitivity when it comes to dealing with pregnant women and their babies. No one wants to make a mistake that could adversely affect a mom or baby because of inaccurate diagnostics or typos in a reported finding. I am so impressed with the high level of reliability, accuracy, and efficiency that our transcriptionist provides. I feel strongly that many of my own strengths would excel in the industry of medical transcription. On the days that I pay the invoices for transcription I feel that it is worth every penny, but also that I would so love to be the person responsible for providing quality transcription and enjoying the ability to provide that service from home! I feel very fortunate for the opportunities that I have had to learn so much about medical terminology in specialty practices, patient care and the necessary administrative tasks it takes to provide great care and customer service to patients and fellow medical practices.

As I begin the next stage in my life, that of growing a family with my husband, I can’t help but hope that medical transcription would provide the perfect opportunity to continue working in an industry that I truly care about but that would afford me the flexibility not available working in a 9-5 administrative position in a private medical practice. I was introduced to the Future MT website and program details through my cousin. She was a single mom, just out of the Navy and was looking for a way to stay at home with her little girl but also provide for them both. While she certainly had to work hard and didn’t sugarcoat the amount of effort and dedication it took to complete the work as quickly as possible, she also raved about the quality support she received from Future MT and quickly passed the information onto me. Many programs require in-person coursework and/or expensive software to complete a program, but Future MT seems to go beyond just providing assignments to complete, by also offering support and placement opportunities that just aren’t available with many other programs online. SN:1SE0V2ESY  

I realize that now is the perfect time for me to reach this goal of becoming a medical transcriptionist, as I am eager to start a family and would love to have a solid client base and a successful medical transcription at home business of my own when it comes time to be home with babies. I believe that my background in medical reception, medical records and practice management provides an opportunity to continue to work with physicians, but not for them. I also realize that there are other industries that require transcription and I am particularly interested in legal firms dealing with medical malpractice cases, law enforcement, and emergency services requiring documentation (such as 911 call centers, police departments and correctional facilities). I believe that things happen at certain times for a reason and as I am moving towards the goal of working from home, doing something I love and can continue to expand on – I really feel that medical transcription is the perfect place for me to start. As a lover of words, language and communication, I look forward to the challenges inherent to transcription and to the supportive sense of teamwork and accomplishment that I believe Future MT could provide.

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