Showing Up – The Crucial to Constructing Your Resume

I find it fascinating to listen to achievement stories shared by middle-aged and older people. It never fails that there was always some choice bits that I would part away with. Now that I am “one of those folks” I realize that looking back in my “bag of tricks”, I have a lot of amassed wisdom that could probably aid those that are starting their walk into the doors of the entertainment business with resume in hand. It doesn’t matter what your dreams are; whether you desire to be a successful actor, director, producer, writer, agent or any one of the many other positions that exist in this business, this is true for everybody. I called this principle the “showing up” theory. It’s easy and works almost every time.

If you reside near a big city (especially if it’s Los Angeles or New York) then you know that there are many meet-ups, industry mixers and networking possibilities; hence, having a resume on hand is important. As you start to attend those you will notice that your business cards start to stack up and your Rolodex begins to miraculously grow. Your contacts and associates will never cease to grow if you stay in touch with those people you meet and your opportunities for success gets bigger. However how did you arrive to this position? Well, you can put yourself in that kind of position by using the principle of “showing up”.

One of the most overlooked theory of wisdom is the theory of Showing Up. Take the Friends TV series for example, I am sure you’re very familiar with this sitcom. But how many of you know about how this theory actually worked for one of the members of the cast?

The tale goes like this, there was an extra who got tired of working small time acting jobs, but despite this he still decided to show up for work one more time. The days were getting very long for this person, but he adored the work and figured he would show up just once more. That day transformed his life. As he was standing in the back of the room, the director of “Friends” yelled, “Does anyone know how to operate a cappuccino machine?”  One of the extras raised his hand (although he had no idea how to operate one) and he was used in the scene. That extra person soon gained the character name of Gunther, who owns the famous coffee shop and he became a regular on one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Guess what he did? He merely reported to work and showed up even if he doesn’t want to any longer.

The theory of Showing Up is the type of theory anybody can use, anytime and anywhere. It is pertinent that you stay near to people that are already successful in the line of work you are pursuing. Go to classes, events, film festivals and premieres with your resume in hand whenever is feasible. It is a verified technique and I myself have experienced it. Who knows, may be your everyday life will change just because you showed up.

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