The Hispanic Scholarship Fund – What Is It?

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has made it possible for the growing number of Latino youths in America to fulfill their dreams of higher education, and thus infuse the future work force of America with even more ingenuity and prosperity. It has not only had a tremendous impact on the education level of the Hispanic community, but also due to the increased graduation rate, it has provided a means to attaining better paying jobs and thus raised the standard of living for many people.

Historically, a college education has been difficult for many Hispanic Americans to achieve. Money concerns coupled with all of the administrative red tape and bureaucracy that must be navigated just to get to the point of registering for the classes can make the whole process a nightmare. It is not uncommon for headaches such as these to deter a person from reaching the end goal of getting started with their curriculum.

For this reason, the administrators of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund created several outreach programs to aid parents and students as they make their way through all the paper work, forms and interviews, they will even offer assistance in applying for other available financial aid. In order to ensure that the students receive the benefit of a higher education, they offer all the support that they can to make the process easier.

With this financial aid, students can easily cut down on the amount of time they need to work and focus on their studies. Many people must work to support themselves throughout their college career, but it has been found that students with this scholarship are able to cut down on their weekly work by up to ten hours without financial strain. Such a reduction in work hours means that they can focus more of their attention on school work and attain higher grades. As a result, around 80% of the recipients of this scholarship have graduated within five years of receiving it. The national average of graduation of all other students in the same time frame regardless of ethnicity is only 50%.

The benefit of this program does not belong solely to the Latino students who wish to further their education, because ultimately the entire country also profits from it. The Hispanic population is currently one of the fastest growing demographics in the United States, as these students enter the workforce they will be earning more money on average and thus infuse more money into the American markets and create more tax revenue for the state.

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