The Mother of all Careers

Being an intelligent women, I do not see reason enough to have to prove my intellect here in this. I am simply seeking to further my knowledge. I am a mother of three beautiful children and they are my life. Wanting to spend every moment I can with them, my life as a RMA was not compatible. Loving the medical profession in every way is something that came quite easy for me; however the hours and pay did not. I remember sitting in the classroom while in the RMA program and my instructor playing a tape recording of a Physician Dictating his notes for that day. I believe it was a surgery of some kind but all I could be sure of was that this guy had the thickest accent I have ever heard, and aside from all the abbreviations he was using, even if I did know what they all meant, I would still be very confused.

After the tape had ended I thought to myself, wow! God bless the soul who has to put that all into Layman’s terms. I thought it was interesting, and the instructor briefly explained medical transcription jobs at home. I remember thinking that was interesting. I went on with my schooling not giving it anymore thought. Now this all taking place about three years ago. My husband and I are struggling to make it. Living paycheck to paycheck on his salary alone I began to rack my brain on how to not be stuck in the middle class society of America as I feel it has become more oppressive lately and the “American Dream” is a fairy tale now a days. My husband one day mentioned to me about medical billing and coding, which I slightly remembered from school and also remember was the worst part, and it hit me. Medical Transcription. SN:1SE0V2ESY

I was interested. Not knowing how interested, I began to think about medical transcription jobs more and more over the next few weeks. Thinking to myself… I remember all the Doctors I have worked for and one of the things I prided in myself was the ability to take what that Quack just said and help this poor patient understand. Honestly, in my opinion, I don’t know if these Doctors know how much their highly intelligent brains can make us “everyday people” feel like they are speaking another language, leaving us feeling very uneasy and, not to mention, a bit frightened. I believe being a Medical Transcriptionist could give me that same kind of pride, free me from the financial burden of the stay at home mom and possibly make my life a little less stressful. My Kids are worth a little extra effort, even if it does require an essay.

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