Top Film Schools – Would You Like To Be On Top?

If you have a knack for movies and even intend to be the next Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg, then you should consider film school. As a matter of fact, you have a lot of options. You only have to figure out which one will bring you to winning an Academy Award.

However, to choose the school you are going to attend maybe a bit complex. You need to gather as much information as you can about film schools so it becomes easier for you to choose and make a wise decision. Don’t you wish that there’s a site or a book that would tell you what is the right school for you? It’s just too bad that there’s no single source that can do that. A great solution to this would be to check out school rankings as these can provide you with helpful information.

A quantitative analysis of various indicators of excellence is involved in school rankings. What are included are faculty resources, graduation rate, and also retention. In reality, film school rankings seem to be depending more on qualitative measures just like the industry’s reputation or student’s experience. The end result is that film school rankings all boils down to schools that have made a great name in the show business or those that have come up with big-name and promising directors.

Degrees or top certification in film production and cinematography can be provided by top film schools, paving the true path to a career as a director, producer, cinematographer, scriptwriter, or film critic. Top film schools offer programs in film production and cinematography will you have a professional certificate or a degree in associate, baccalaureate or masters in the fields of film editing, media history, camera use, ethics, digital film production and other subjects that are related to film media and motion pictures.

Courses in this field are also offered at vocational schools, community colleges, or four-year colleges and universities with top film schools as they try to blend vision with technological expertise. Undergraduate classes include film history, directing, scriptwriting, animation, production, audio production, and film criticism. Production programs are also included in graduate school opportunities and may lead you to having a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Degrees such as master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film Creation or a dual degree In MFA and Master of Business Administration in Production which can be earned by a graduate student. These programs would require MFA students to make at least 5 movies and also work as camera operators and crew members all at the same time.

New York University and the University of Southern California both have prestigious and top film schools. They offer undergraduate anf graduate programs for students who are adamant in entering the show business as producers, filmmakers, scriptwriters and film critics.

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