What Is Clinical Psychology

The field of clinical psychology is one of the many branches that the subject of psychology branches into. Just like any other field of psychology this too has its own characteristics and specialities. The education pathway towards clinical psychology is just the same like that of any other psychology field. You start with a bachelors degree and then move on to a masters or a PhD in it. This makes it possible to have a lot of scope to study in this subject and while doing so excel in it.

Approximately 91% of those employed in the clinical psychology field take part in mental assessments focused at diagnosis and treatment. Tests towards clinical psychology may include intelligence / achievement tests like IQ tests or WISC-IV tests, which measure data, oral capabilities, memory, reasoning, attention span and spatial perception. Personality tests attempt to specify behavior and logical patterns. The MMPI, Rorschach Inkblot test or the Myers-Briggs test all try and disclose the psychological dynamics.in addition, neuropsychological tests check structures and brain paths in a more “methodical ” demeanour.

Clinical observation in clinical psychology includes studying a control group and a variable group for fluctuations in behavior, mood, perception, understanding, memory, communication and affect. In systems or family treatment, psychology therapists target the interplay of the family and their interpersonal dynamics. Interventions include a partner, parent, sibling or close friend. While some of the intervention involves a group conversation, home assignments are often given to help patients keep working, thinking and assessing outside of their care sessions.
There are 4 main viewpoints of clinical psychology : psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral and systems / family care. There are a few areas of specialization within clinical psychology, like : health, neuropsychology ( focus : the brain ), geropsychology ( focus : the old ), support and social behaviour treatment. Neuropsychologists study stuff like the medical symptoms behind schizophrenia, dementias or other psychological defects.

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