Why do I really want to become a Medical Transcriptionist

I am very interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist. Not only does it sound fun and interesting, but I think it is the perfect career chose for a stay at home mom of four looking to join the work force but still be home for the children when they need me. Hi, my name is Stephanie Conway. I live in a small valley in Pittsfield New Hampshire. There are about 4500 people in the town where I live. My four children are all in school full time now but still need me home if they are sick or have days off. So I will be able to donate my days to online courses and eventually working. The medical transcription field sounds perfect for me, especially after looking at the Future MT Reviews.

We are desperetly in need of money(As are most Americans right now) and don’t think getting a job at a factory or fast food place would benefit mp family at all. I love to type, I took word proccssing I and II in high school and they were my favorite classes. I have a friend who is a Medical Assistant and she had to take a small course in medical transcription and just hearing the cases that you have to type sounds really neat. I have no money to put into school, but I really need to start a career. I am hoping to achieve a career as a medical transcriptionist as soon as I receive my certificate. I am looking to find rewarding MT employment from the comfort and convnience of my home. There are lots of advantages to working in the MT industry.

In fact I can’t think of any disadvantages to working in this field that I read in the Future MT Reviews. I will have the convenience of working at home so I can be there for my children, I will be doing something I love, typing, I will be hearing interesting medical cases, and I will be earning an income for my family. I found your web site online and found many benefits to your progam.. I am going to need a school that offers financial aid since I have no income. I need a school that can help me in finding employment after the course is complete. I need flexability and to be able to learn at home on my own computer so I can be home if my children need me. These are just a few of the benefits from your program that influenced my decision to apply at your school.

I really hope you will consider me as a canidate for your Future MT Training program. I have lots of reasons why I am doing this and I always finish everything I start. If you consider me for your scholoarship it will be a very good decision. I will become a contributing member to my community, I will have a successful career, I will show my kids that I am more then just a mommy, that I can earn a living and still be here for them. Thank you for considering me and I hope to hear from you soon.

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