Why Do I Want To Become A Medical Transcriptionist

In the pursuit of peace and happiness I would like the courage to be in this exciting career. Being a stay home mother of three beautiful kids I always wonder what the future holds for us. I always wanted to be with my kids but at the same time I want to make some money. I was checking my email one night and I saw this exciting career. I can make money at home. That idea struck me that I can be with my kids and make money at the comfort of my home. I can save time and money from traveling from home to work or vice versa. I’ve read that the health industry is going to double or even triple in demand in the coming years and I decided to be a part again of that promising future.

I want to continue learning and studying courses that will really benefits me and my family. When a become certified medical transcriptionist, I would be able to save money for family vacation or out of town holiday, right now our budget is so tight that we forgot about going anywhere. We just are doing the everyday routine of our lives, home, school, church, and home. I hope I would be successful in this career and everything that I hope for will soon be realized that being a working mom is a great experience and a rewarding one. I hope we could travel around the world someday once we have enough savings. The joy of family having them by your side will always motivate me to be the best of what I can be. They say peace of mind is priceless and I agree with that one hundred percent. SN:1SE0V2ESY

As a work at home medical transcriptionist I will have a peace of mind that I am with my kids; I know they’re ok while I’m making money from the distance. I want to save money for my kid’s college education and hopefully we could also give some to the community. My husband is a religious leader, twice a week he went to prison to teach inmates the wonderful word and world of the Lord as a community service but we do hope we could also give some money to the needy once we are financially stable. Blessing one another by loving and sharing the happiness and fulfillment that each and every one of us feels inside, opening our hearts and door to the less fortunate brothers and sisters in our community. Hopefully each one and every one of us of us will encourage and motivate one another to go back to school and have a great rewarding career so we can be a blessing to one another. My hearts goes to all the mother who misses their kids in the day care while they went out to go to work, I hope they find time and courage to take the step in enrolling in this exciting career and have a home based job so they too can enjoy their family at home while they are making money for the fulfillment of their dream.
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