Why I Would Like to Become A MT

It is time for a career change to take place in my life. This was a scary thought when my husband took his clothes and moved out of the house. Then he told me I would be hearing from his attorney in a couple of days. My thoughts went rapid and all mixed up together. Where do I go from here? This is when I told myself to slow down and sort it all out. In addition, it would be good to look at the positive attributes that would not change just because I was not married anymore. Here is a small list: 1. I will not have to move out of the house. 2. Free to make own decisions. 3. Two siblings who are adults and will always be in my life. 4. Mother can move in with me. 5. A vehicle to drive that is new and is still under warranty. (It is my responsibility to make the payments.) 6. Earned an Associate Degree in Arts and can use the skills to support myself. 7. Know how to use the riding lawn mower and can save money by doing the lawn maintenance myself. So this is what started my Google Search on the computer for a job. In the back of my mind, I can recall that someone mentioned work from home medical transcription.

This is exactly what I have been used to doing for the past 15 years and would fit into my schedule of being the Treasurer for the church which I attend each week. Furthermore, it would be a great benefit to have two sources of income because retirement will not be for another 10 – 15 years. The need to look deep into my life and focus on the skills that I already know how to do became more and more prevalent. Then the need to start telling myself everything will work out “ok” and I can make it on my own boosted my self-esteem. This is when I realized whatever the situation that comes my way I will be able to handle it. My faith in knowing that whatever happens in my life is a stepping stone to accomplish something greater, has encouraged me to take the medical transcription at home on-line. A mental resume came to my mind. It is good that I have some knowledge of medical terms from working in a hospital as an Admitting Clerk and having the responsibility to fill out the necessary forms in the Business Office as a Workman’s Compensation Billing Clerk. The decision was not hard for me to make to keep looking for the right website for a course that would fulfill all that I wanted to accomplish. SN:1SE0V2ESY

The website Future MT caught my eye and I began to read everything with a sense of hope and encouragement. The more I read; it became apparent that I would be foolish to look at another website. What would be the most beneficial to me is being able to have Medical and Dental Insurance, flexible working hours, income that matches my skills (Have been paid a stipend amount of money for the Church Treasurer job.), steady income, and knowing that I will be able to help others who are in the same situation as myself. It is great to be a part of the “Baby Boomer” generation. We have each other to show the many benefits of not giving up when people throw a curve ball at you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a strike out. The Future MT on-line course will also help me to accomplish my goal in life which is to have more money and free time so that I can volunteer at an Elementary School and help children who are struggling with reading skills. I would like to help adults who have trouble reading, also. Future MT will provide another benefit by having a live person as a mentor if there is ever a need to speak with someone; I thank you for this added bonus. I have a friend who just graduated from Medical School as a Physician’s Assistant and when needed it would be great to use his expertise with medical terms. I know that as a Medical Transcriptionist finding a job will not be a difficult task and my career change will become a reality.

More information at http://www.medtrancareers.com

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